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Custom Handpainted Shoes

Custom Handpainted Shoes

Custom Handpainted Shoe Form:

No pair of shoes are hand-painted exactly alike. You can select shoe colors from our previous order. Please note they may not look exactly the same.

The shoe designs are preciously selected and you’re unable to choose a different design at this time.

Someone will discuss our hand painting process with you.
Be prepared to have a vision or what colors you want the shoes to be painted.

You are able to select the colors that you would like to have your shoes painted.



A consulting session must be scheduled prior to making the shoes. We can contact you via Zoom/Google Hangout.

If you have any questions or concerns, email or call us directly.

Please note the shoemaking and shoe painting process can take some time and time of completion depends on the request of the shoe.

Typical Shoe Making Process

Simple Handmade Project 30-45 days
Detailed Handmade Project 60 – 365 days

Simple HandPainted Project 30-60 days
Detailed HandPainted Project 45-180 days

The shoe making process does not began until 50% of the payment has been made. Shoes will not be shipped until the shoes are paid 100% paid in full.

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