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Tips: How Pretty Girls Travel

Tips: How Pretty Girls Travel


When I used to travel, I would always overpack. I would never factor how long I was staying on the trip. I would think of the events I planned to attend but would always pack for those just-in-case events or moments. After traveling for weeks on end literally back to back…over packing got really old! So I pulled together some key points and I use my organization’s checklist. Here are a few tips and a checklist that I use for packing. I hope this helps you like it helps me! HAPPY TRAVELS! 😊

  1. Make a List or Use a Checklist. Never underestimate the power of a list. A list is a fail-safe way to ensure that you never, ever forget your important items. Make a list of the events you are confirmed to attend on your trip. I still continue to focus on the activities I know I will do on my trips but focus less on those that I am not as certain about. This helps me bring the items that I need but leave the items I don’t need. I’m also able to have more space for the items I will actually need from my checklist. See the checklist below…
  2. Schedule Packing Time. Always start the packing process early to allow yourself enough time to assess the items you need. This will help you lighten your load. It is very important to schedule a packing time. If you don’t…trust me you will overpack!
  3. The right suitcase is a must. Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg once said: ‘’When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life’’. Before you start to think about packing, choose the right suitcase.

Personally, I like a bag that I can pack for every trip. Think about your destination and what is the trip for — business trip or going on vacation? Check the size of the suitcase; no one wants a suitcase that is too big for them that they cannot manage. It’s key to consider the weight of the suitcase; it makes a big difference at the final weigh-in. You also must consider the length of your journey. If you’re only planning a weekend getaway or short trips, then a rolling carry-on will suffice. My shameless PLUG- I ALWAYS USE TASHKA® Rolling Convertible Travel Bag.

Currently, I have one of the prototypes and let me tell you…


The duffle bag has wheels and converts into a garment bag! I’ve even used to it work out at the gym. Here is a picture of what the pink and green looks like when they go on sale! It comes in 2 sizes: carry-on and extended stay.

TashKa bags

  1. What to bring? Again, think about what you will be doing on your trip and where you will spend most of your time. A great way to save space in your suitcase is to choose wardrobe basics that you can mix and match. Look in your closet for transitional attire. I have learned that by picking transitional and versatile outfits allows me to mix and match the items into a number of outfit options for multiple purposes.
  2. Packing: The base layer. One of the simplest but often overlooked packing tips is to put heavy, irregularly shaped items like shoes or toiletries bag at the bottom of your suitcase — near the wheels of a suitcase. This helps to distribute the weight evenly throughout the suitcase, which prevents items from being damaged. It is very important to put all the heavy ones in first. For my Tashka bag, I put my shoes and makeup bag in the hidden base area.
  3. Layer up. This approach gives you more outfits and the flexibility to adapt to any temperature weather condition. For example, I take a scarf with me. My travel scarf is a neutral color and compliments almost any outfit which also offers some warmth on flights and colder evenings.
  4. Fold or Roll? It’s a matter of the type of trip or personal preference. Whichever way you use, the key is not to over-pack. Personally, I try to roll my clothes such as pants, jeans, sweaters. Why? Because rolling keeps wrinkle to a minimum and frees up a lot of space for other traveling necessities.
  5. Combined items. Many items can be packed together. Did you know you could use your belt to keep your collar stiff? Try packing your jewelry in your shoes or protecting glass fragrance bottles by slipping them into your socks before packing them. You can also use a shoe bag as dirty clothes or dirty lingerie bag. If you have a carry-on, try putting your toiletries or makeup inside your shower cap. These are just examples of space-saving ways, but if you look at the spaces and items you need to pack you can think of many new ways.



I hope these packing tips will come in handy-dandy as you plan your next trip. Again, HAPPY TRAVELS! 😊

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