This year I started my shoe apprenticeship! I’m not sure how it is possible but my love for shoes has gotten stronger. I not only want to design and sell shoes…I want to know how to make them also!

There aren’t many shoe apprenticeship schools in the US. I am thankful that I’m able to enroll in one that fits my work schedule. So I travel on the weekends and work at the shoe manufacturing

There are many steps and processes when making a shoe. I never understand why have shoes custom-made were so expensive…until now. Everything is made from scratch and cannot be made without a mold to structure the shoe. This entire process can take up to one year or longer and it depends on the design of the shoe.

Why did I choose to learn how to make shoes? Every year, I create a vision board. In my last vision board, I chose to learn how to do something different and try something new. I’ve met plenty of female shoe designers but not many that can ACTUALLY make a shoe on their own.

On my first day, I examined the leather, insole, and custom outsole for hours! It’s amazing how quality shoes are made. I learned the embossing and shoe sewing process. The apprenticeship will take a while but it will be a new skill set and I’m glad that I’m learning something new!

April 01, 2023 — IT Support

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