Hello Pretty Girls! I’m so glad that you stopped by our page! I’m so excited to launch the site. Let me tell you how we got started… like all little girls, I always love walking in my mother’s heels. I used to drag her heels down the hallway and imagine that I was Naomi Campbell walking down the hallway. Every day, I would choose the prettiest shoes that I could find. I just love shoes…no I love heels. Hearing the clicking and clicking on the floor.

R. Nicole was built out of passion. It was created because the market asked for it. About a year ago, I purchased a pair of pink and green shoes that were too big. The company told me to mail the product to them; however, I never received the shoes or my money. I posted in a group to tell my story…I received so many requests from people asking if they could buy the shoe. Unbeknownst to me, the company went out of business. At that time, I had no intention of designing and selling the shoes…but in hindsight I love designing shoes. I love shoes so much that I created an entire shoe room in my home. I own over 350 pair of shoes at all price points…I’ve been designing shoes since I was in high school.


I chose the signature pink and green shoes because I love the colors! The colors have so many wonderful meanings that so many women celebrate in unison and the colors together are identified in a sophisticated and positive reflection.

My goal is to create beautiful and unique shoes. I work directly with two manufacturers, one overseas and the other one in the US. Both manufacturers make my custom-designed shoes. I’m able to work with them closely on every detail to meet the customer’s needs. My goal is to make all pretty shoes for all pretty girls…so we decided to START with Pink & Green Shoes then add additional colors & designs.



One day I posted a pair of shoes in a Facebook community & I received overwhelming responses for the group members asking if they could purchase the shoe from me. As soon, as I received my 10th request to purchase my shoes…I figured that I should try and design another shoe. That night I researched how to get my designs made and sell shoes. After a few weeks, I had to stop dreaming and planning so I could strategically see how I could execute. When contemplating how to sell the shoes, I became overwhelmed because I’ve been working on another project which is my 3.5-year passion project. So I researched the market, developed a plan and strategy, then started selling my shoe designs. Our action plan is to continue designing custom affordable shoes for all prettygirls!

April 02, 2023 — IT Support

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